Data and lessons from South Africa’s hub sector

Launch League runs surveys and develops and shares insights that shed light on the important work hubs and skills organisations do. We focus on identifying where the opportunities lie for improving and scaling the support these organisations offer entrepreneurs and young people across the country.

Our research aims to better understand how these organisations operate, key common challenges they face, and areas of development. We also gather the insights shared by subject-matter and sector experts at the knowledge-sharing events that we run.

How can South African hubs train and support young South Africans to earn an income in the New Economy?


In 2022, Launch League spoke to leading organisations providing skills and entrepreneurial training for young South Africans to shed some light on how hubs equip them to be economically active and find pathways to income in the New Economy.

We surveyed and interviewed senior hub team members from approximately 50 organisations to understand the skills and training offered by South Africa’s entrepreneurship and digital skills hub network.  

Are South African hubs getting the resources they need to support our emerging entrepreneurs?

October 2020 Research Report

In 2020, Launch League conducted a survey with tech-focused hubs outside of the well-researched cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. This short, accessible report fills a knowledge gap about how local hubs are resourced to train and grow entrepreneurs. 

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