Launch League helps hubs develop thriving local entrepreneurship ecosystems.

We do this by providing quality tools, resources and training, and connecting organisations and individuals to share industry experience and insights.


What is Launch League?

What is Launch League?

Hubs and entrepreneur support organisations do important work across South Africa and Southern Africa, helping people to grow themselves, their income-earning opportunities and their businesses.

Launch League was established by Viridian and the UK-South Africa Tech Hub to create opportunities for hub teams to grow their skills, access quality resources, and connect with each other as a community of practice. Through enabling local hubs, Launch League aims to support young people to create meaningful economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Launch League training and networking events are offered to South African hubs and organisations, but the resources and toolkits are available under open licence to any African hub or organisation. If you’d like to find out how to partner with Launch League to offer training and events for hubs in your country (outside of South Africa), please contact us.

Organisations behind Launch League

UK-South Africa Tech Hub

Launch League is an initiative of the UK-South Africa Tech Hub, which forms part of the International Tech Hub network delivered by DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport), under the UK government’s Digital Access Programme. It is designed to promote digital inclusion and inclusive growth of the digital ecosystems in partner countries. Alongside South Africa, there are hubs in Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil.


The International Tech Hubs are expert teams which work to stimulate local digital economies, build high-end digital skills, and forge innovation partnerships between local tech sectors and international businesses. Through the Hubs’ activities, entrepreneurs and founders, acquire the skills, resource and support needed to turbocharge their entrepreneurial journey


Launch League is designed and delivered by Viridian in partnership with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub. The Viridians dedicated to Launch League have extensive experience working inside entrepreneurship and digital skills hubs, and working in partnership with hubs. Our passionate, hands-on team specialises in programme design, content development, and facilitating learning experiences that promote peer learning and collaboration.

Viridian is an end-to-end programme-development agency servicing the pan-African entrepreneurial ecosystem, helping development agencies, government departments, foundations and corporates realise impact on the continent. Viridian works directly with early-stage investors and investment-ready entrepreneurs. To strengthen the wider ecosystem, Viridian has cocreated Launch League, a platform for all entrepreneur support organisations to share best practice in business-building.  

Meet the Launch League team

The Launch League team has significant experience working with South African and African early-stage entrepreneurs, and working within and in support of South African hubs.

What we’ve done so far

Established in early 2020, Launch League has trained and networked individuals from across South Africa, with our toolkits achieving a broad reach into Southern Africa.

Open licence programme toolkits and resources

We provide quality content and tools for hubs to download, adapt and use commercially.

Virtual hub training courses

These are focused on key development areas such as mentorship, idea development, financing, and programme management.

Virtual networking and learning events

Unconferences and meetups for hub teams are a great place to share experiences and insights.

Individuals attended Launch League networking events

Hub leaders and staff trained

Hubs/skills organisations trained


Open licence resources made available

Entrepreneurs supported using Launch League toolkits

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