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UK-South Africa Tech Hub Launch League Hub Meet-Up: Introducing the DSFOne Digital Skills Framework


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You are the changemakers building entrepreneurial communities.

You are the changemakers building entrepreneurial communities.

You’re doing such important work, helping young people to grow themselves and their businesses. But we know how tough it is. That’s why Launch League is here to help! We’re creating relevant, high-quality resources for you to use in your programmes. We’re also bringing hubs and entrepreneur support organisations together, to learn and share experiences.

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The Hub Specialisation Playbook


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Open Innovation Program Toolkit


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National University Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Baseline Report

This baseline study provides insight into the enabling entrepreneurship ecosystem with the 26 South African public higher education institutions and existing practices and activities currently underway.


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Making the Most of a Mentor Guide

This guide is a printable resource to share with entrepreneurs, unpacking mentorship as part of the Launch League Programme. It includes practical tips and exercises for the entrepreneur to complete.


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A Hub’s Guide to Let’s Talk Financing

This guide explains the principles of SMME financing, and how to walk entrepreneurs through a step-by-step process to understand realistically what their financing options are using this toolkit.


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Entrepreneur financing card

This funding card can be used to help entrepreneurs better understand the types of financing that may be available for their business.


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A Hub’s Guide to the Launch League Idea-stage Programme Facilitation

This guide explores best practice for facilitating programmes and supporting idea-stage entrepreneurs, and explains how to leverage the Launch League Idea-stage Programme Toolkit.


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How can South African hubs train and support young South Africans to earn an income in the New Economy?

What is Launch League?

Launch League helps hub teams to develop their local entrepreneurship ecosystems by providing quality tools and training, and developing a community of practice. 

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