"Launch League has offered me real solutions to real challenges with an authentic balance of passion, competence and professionalism. Launch League has created a significant space for me and my team to grow our skills and have given us access to quality resources that provide the cutting edge when supporting our clients."

Dominique Adonis – CEO & Founder, The Daily Grind Innovation Hub

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Are you an entrepreneur or workseeker? Find out how you can connect to a hub near you.


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UK-South Africa Tech Hub Launch League Hub Meet-Up: Introducing the DSFOne Digital Skills Framework


Are you an entrepreneur or workseeker? Find out how you can connect to a hub near you.

About our hub network

Launch League has worked with hub teams across South Africa, connecting them to each other and to valuable resources and opportunities.

These hubs train and support entrepreneurs and youth in their local communities through structured programmes, and play an invaluable role in developing local entrepreneurial ecosystems. Yet, hubs have historically remained disconnected, with few opportunities for individuals working in the sector to build connections with those at similar organisations.

Since 2020, hubs from across South Africa have participated in Launch League training and networking events to engage in rich discussions on the challenges they face and successful strategies for supporting local entrepreneurs and youth.

Research and insights from South Africa’s hub sector

Launch League conducts research with our hub network, shedding light on the key challenges and opportunities in the sector. We also gather insights shared at our training and events.

Hub network members

Join our hub network by participating in our training events.

For entrepreneurs or workseekers

What is a hub?

A hub is an organisation that provides training and support for local entrepreneurs or people looking to build their skills. Most hubs have a physical space where facilitators run training and events, and there are often computer labs and coworking desks. If you live in a major city, you may find that there’s more than one hub close to you. 

Each hub offers different programmes and services, such as ideation workshops, access to mentors, or business compliance support. Each hub will also focus on different areas of support. Some might just work with tech businesses and digital skills, while others may focus on other sectors such as green energy, agriculture and even furniture manufacturing.

How can a hub help me?

Hubs offer programmes that can help you increase your skills, get ready to apply for jobs, or build your business. Hubs also host events and activities that you can get involved in to grow your network and connect with other entrepreneurs or workseekers. Many of these activities are offered for free or at low cost.

Each hub runs different programmes at different times of the year, and may not always have applications open. For formal programmes, the hubs will have entry criteria and a limited number of people they can support. Find out which hubs are near you and do some research into what they offer and which programmes and services might suit you, before you call or visit.

Contact the hub network members shown here to see which of them can help you to grow your business or improve your tech skills.