The UK-South Africa Tech Hub Launch League is back and offering South African hub teams even more opportunities to learn and network.


These courses aim to build the skills and confidence of hub practitioners, while introducing them to new tools and methodologies to support their local SMMEs.

  • Delivered virtually via Zoom allowing a unique opportunity for hubs from across the country to learn together.
  • Learning guides will be provided for pre-reading and reference after the course
  • Highly interactive group discussions are an opportunity for participants to share their experience & learn about organisations’ approach.
  • Developed by local incubation experts  content & discussions focussed on South Africa examples and applications.
  • Fully sponsored  –  hub employees can participate in as many courses as valuable, free of charge.
  • Completion Certificates – issued by the UK-South Africa Tech Hub on completion of the programmes
  • Expert guest speakers from the South African and African hub ecosystem will share their experience on key topics.

Launch League is an initiative of the British High Commission, and a flagship project of the UK-South Africa Tech Hub and the South African Digital Access Programme, which promote digital inclusion and inclusive growth in the country. The programme is developed and delivered by Viridian.

Upcoming Training Opportunities for Hub/ Entrepreneur Support Organisation (ESO) teams

A 2-day learning experience to help you more confidently facilitate an idea-stage programme with entrepreneurs in your community.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced facilitator, this course is an opportunity to deep dive into how to confidently use a Canvas and guide idea-stage entrepreneurs to better understand their business model and gain market validation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to run this idea-stage programme, or use the Canvas or elements of the programme to complement your current support activities.

What is the Launch League Idea-Stage programme?

The Launch League Idea-Stage Programme toolkit is an open licence resource for you to use at your hub. It consists of 5 core learning modules, aligned with the Launch League Canvas tool. The toolkit consists of all the material you will need to implement the short programme, and this course will give you the confidence to facilitate the learning journey.

The commitment:

The course will run across two days, and you will need to be “out of office” for the full period. 
20 January: 9am to 2pm
27 January: 9am to 3pm

– Join teams from hubs across the country, to learn and share in the virtual classroom
– Understand best practise for facilitation and idea-stage business support
– Deep dive into the Canvas and how to help entrepreneurs understand their business model
– Explore the common areas that entrepreneurs get stuck at this stage, and how to guide them through them.

“The course was well presented, informative and interactive. It cuts to the core of small business development with focus on key areas of development.” – Fatima Moolla, SmartXchange

A 2-day learning experience to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to have productive conversations with South African entrepreneurs about their financing options.

This course is for anyone who works directly with SMMEs – programme managers, facilitators, mentors. 

What is the “Let’s Talk Financing” Toolkit

The UK-South Africa Tech Hub Launch League has created an open licence toolkit for hubs to use with entrepreneurs, and this course will equip participants to go forward and use the toolkit. On the first day, we will look at what types of funding is actually available to SMME’s, what types of businesses qualify for funding, and have discussions around giving advice responsibly. On the second day, we will unpack the different steps of the SMME funding toolkit and how to use it with entrepreneurs.

The Commitment 

8 March: 9am to 12.30pm
10 March: 9am to 12.30pm

– Join teams from hubs across the country, to learn and share in the virtual classroom
– Understand the different types of funders and who is eligible
– Deep dive into the toolkit and how to use it in a workshop context with SMMEs from your community.

If you’d like to know more about any of the above courses, and whether they’re the right fit for you or your team – please contact Damian Malgas on